Mark F. Hampton, P.A.

Areas of expertise

How Mark Can Help

Drug Offenses

Mark has 26 years of experience representing hundreds of clients in both federal and state drug cases, from major drug conspiracies to misdemeanor marijuana charges.   Mark evaluates each case on its own merits, and vigorously attacks the issues. He is adept at proving the illegality of searches and seizures, and also at minimizing punishment.

Parole Release

In executive clemency and shortened parole periods, Mark has a record of success.  Although these are difficult situations and are at the discretion of the Arkansas Department of Corrections, Mark's arguments have persuaded the parole board and the governor’s office to release individuals early from their expected parole eligibility date.

White Collar Crime

Mark has had a significant number of federal and state cases involving wire fraud, mail fraud, bribery, extortion, and money laundering.  These cases require complex analysis.  With the aid of his experienced paralegal, Mark can analyze the case against you and properly evaluate the potential success of a trial. He will rely upon his experience and understanding of the law to strive for a successful plea if a jury trial or bench trial is not an option. 

Appeals and Post-Conviction Relief

Mark's office is affiliated with one of the finest appellant attorneys in the state, Professor J. T. Sullivan.  With experience spanning five states and the US Supreme Court, Professor Sullivan has had tremendous success with direct appeals and post-conviction relief both in state and federal proceedings. 

Homicide, Battery Offenses

Homicide, kidnapping and battery charges:  These cases require a significant amount of investigation and critical evaluation of forensic evidence.  Mark's network of forensic experts, polygraph examiners, and criminal profilers ensure the best possible defense in these situations.